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iPad won’t drive many 3G Subscriptions

In Apple, Stupidity on March 3, 2010 at 4:24 pm

So says AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, according to Engadget:

We all know by now that AT&T has secured the rights to furnish US iPad owners with 3G connectivity, but apparently the market desire for that service won’t be quite as big as we might have expected. That comes straight from Randall Stephenson himself, AT&T CEO and eternal believer in the power of i-branded devices, so it may have some legitimacy to it.

We need the AT&T CEO to tell us this? This is obvious, but not for the reasons the CEO or Engadget is talking about. Sure, it makes sense that a lot of people paying for the iPad won’t want to pay for even more 3G than, but you want to know what else makes sense? That hardly anybody will be buying the iPad at all, because it’s a piece of junk.

Seriously, can you imagine the retail situation when the iPad goes on sale? Maybe millions of people will line up and buy this thing because it’s cool and pretty — maybe — but then the target market will get this thing home, and listen to the ad copy, which calls it the “Ultimate Browsing Experience,” and then actually try to use it like they use the browser on their computer, because that’s why they’re buying this thing. Then it won’t work because after about 5 seconds they’ll run into a Flash game that won’t work, but they won’t understand it’s a plugin issue; they’ll think this wonderful piece of the future is broken, and return it.

So, hey, maybe the iPad will give AT&T a bump in 1-month 3G subscriptions, right?

  1. […] Champ — who calls himself “the future of technology journalism,” the jerk — had some annoying words about the iPad’s 3G prospects, and about the quality of the product itself: We need the AT&T CEO to tell us this? This is […]

  2. Well, AT&T isn’t even requiring a subscription so they could see a bump followed by a slump.

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