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Apple doesn’t understand the future, but apparently Microsoft does.

In Apple, Windows on March 5, 2010 at 8:11 pm

All the cool kids are gaga over the iPad, even moreso now since Apple shocked the world by announcing a release date for something it already announced a release window for. Because “accepting preorders next week” is news these day, apparently. What the heck, hipsters? You think you’re too cool to walk into a store and buy something like common people?

Anyway. Microsoft released more interface shots of its potential tablet-based device which, unlike Apple’s upcoming offering, actually has a reason to exist, and isn’t simply a literal magnification of a product you can already buy. And they’re pretty fantastic. Engadget has a great gallery of new screenshots for the device, and when you add them to the interface video Gizmodo showed a while ago, it really shows that Microsoft isn’t the lumbering dinosaur all the hipsters think it is. Sure, Microsoft does sometimes look like that, but when you spend all your time congratulating yourself for being so much hipper than the competition, that doesn’t give you any time to actually see if the competition’s as unhip as you say they are.

Courier, if it gets released in any form remotely like what these new screenshots and photos suggest, is going to be big. It’s going to huge. It’s going to be the revolutionary product that Apple is pretending the iPad is. This is Microsoft firing on all cylinders, taking the time to consider how a handheld device could be used to make something, not just to passively surf through the iTunes store and buy movies.

Here’s the thing: Apple had a shot to define this category, to define the pinnacle of mobile computing, that thing everyone else would aspire to match. The iPad was Apple’s shot, and they missed. They failed, because they were trying to be too cool for their own good. And now it falls to the supposedly stodgy company from Redmond to do what Apple was apparently unable to do: determine the future state of cool in computers.

But this is the way it always goes, right? Apple makes the most noise with their tiny marketshare, while Microsoft, uncool but actually useful, goes right along making products the entire planet wants to use. Now they’re at it again, and you know what? I can’t wait.

  1. […] going on and on and on about how the new screenshots of Courier that Microsoft released show that Microsoft gets the future in a way that Apple doesn’t. Can you believe that? This is the height of his lunacy: This is Microsoft firing on all cylinders, […]

  2. Hmmm… looks like a prettied up version of the tablet PC to me… That pen will be a nightmare to use if you are like the majority of people out there who cannot handwrite well on screens and easy to lose. The split screen will make it useless for other tasks and as for the interface – well it looks good in mockups, but it’s certainly not original and its untested. My moneys on the iPad with its ecosystem, tried an tested OS and flexibility.

  3. God, you are such an idiot.

  4. When traffic is driven to your site to be amused by the train wreck therein, you’ve got a problem. Then again, Fox News might be looking for a new talking head to make wild claims about whatever they don’t like, stated as if they were authorities on the matter. If THAT’S your goal, then congratulations.

  5. This is either sarcasm or link-baiting,,,, Or it might be John C. Dvorak, of “there is no use for a mouse” fame. Even Rob Enderle is not this lame (I could be wrong on the latter)

  6. […] unceasing and expensive consumption. This is in stark contrast to the apparent design ethos of the as-yet-unannounced Courier from Microsoft, which looks built for people who actually want to do something with the devices […]

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