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People have already stopped pre-ordering the iPad.

In Apple, Stupidity on March 14, 2010 at 11:22 pm

A lot of the cool kids have been frothing at the mouth about the sales figures for the iPad, which became available for pre-orders the other day. Ordinarily this kind of clamor from Apple fanboys reflects their usual obsessive love of products from der Steve, but this time it feels … I don’t know, sad. Pathetic. It’s like they’re worried that people are right, that the iPad will actually be a failure, and they’re grasping at any data point to make themselves feel like they’re justified in their continued screaming about how super-amazing and uber-hawt the iPad is.

Case in point for this wonderful delusion is the “50,000 sales in two hours” figure, which was later reduced to 30,000 in 2 hours, which was later reduced (or extended, really), to 90,000 in 6 hours, which was reduced to 120,000 in 24 hours. ┬áIf you look at these numbers for more than a second, you might notice something shocking: pre-order rates are going down!

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